Portable Outdoor Graphic Backwall

GrandFabric Outdoor Backwall Display

The EXPAND GrandFabric Outdoor is the world’s first portable outdoor graphic backwall.  Now you can take your message outdoors with the same great hardware and print graphics you have come to expect from this world-class manufacturer of event and trade show displays.


Navigator Modular Display System

Quick-Connect Frame System

The Navigator Modular Display System is constructed in the United States using top-grade aluminum tubing with heavy-duty zippered, pillowcase-style, dye sub fabric graphics. Designed for modular use in a wide range of venue sizes the system components can be combined to work in all of the typical trade show booth spaces including backwall, peninsula and island configurations.


Printing QR Codes

Printing QR Codes

Printing QR codes have become a popular way to further brand engagement, thanks to the rapidly growing number of people carrying smartphones capable of installing scanner software.


Using QR Codes

QR Code Types

Using QR Codes begins with a decision about the type of information you would like to store (encode) within the bar code.


QR Code Connect

It Starts with a QR CODE

We have launched a new product that will provide another interactive option for those wishing to extend their trade show and event marketing efforts. This option will allow you to “QR Code Connect” your display graphics to the web.


Facial Engagement Tracking

And the Visual Analysis of Facial Expressions.

Facial Engagement Tracking is another way to measure an event participants willingness to engage. Using specialized camera hardware and custom tracking software (developed to measure a person’s facial expressions) it is now easier than ever to measure audience engagement.


Body Tracking

The measurement of a bodies position in 3-D space.

Body Tracking is a software and hardware process which simultaneously monitors each part of the body, from limbs to finger tips. The body’s position & movement can then be seamlessly interpreted to draw conclusions about what a person is doing.


Gesture Recognition

A powerful tool for engaging with your customers & attendees.

From the exhibit hall to retail display windows, our technologies bridge the gap between your customers and your brand message.


LED Lighted Portable Displays

How to light up a crowd.

Portable 8ft & 10ft back wall displays for use at trade shows have gone through a myriad of minor style changes over the last 35 years. But nothing truly significant, until recently. With the advent of SEG fabric graphics and LED lighting you now have an entirely new way to visually compete at show site.


SEG Fabric Print Graphics

What is SEG and what can it do for me?

If you need a large seamless print (emphasis on LARGE) then this popular graphic solution (SEG) is worth taking a serious look at.